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Month: May 2018

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Democracy from the future: Taiwan - Document
Hacking ideology: and vTaiwan - Blog
Holopolis – Demo Next Democracy - Document
Taiwanese Civic Tech is not Re-inventing Democracy… Yet. - Post
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Law and Politics of the Taiwan Sunflower and Hong Kong Umbrella Movements - Book
Digital Democracy: The Tools Transforming Political Engagement - Case Studies
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How Taiwan is inoculating itself against the Uber “virus” - Post
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Challenges for Taiwan’s Civic Hackers in 2016 - Blog
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Balancing Inclusion and “Enlightened Understanding” in Designing Online Civic Participation Systems: Experiences from Regulation Room - White Papers
Regulation Room: How the Internet Improves Public Participation in Rulemaking - White Papers
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open source tools for self-organizing democracy - Video
Audrey Tang interview at SuperPublic - Video
Democratic Cities: Interview with Audrey Tang - Video
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Audrey Tang
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Open Source // Open Society
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g0v - People Network
Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS)
Clay Shirky
David Eaves
Richard Bartlett
Libertarian Municipalism: An Overview - Article
Can Cities be Sustainable? - Book
A New Engagement? - Book
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction - Book
Agile Manifesto - Webpage
American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion - Book
Beyond Transparency - Book/PDF
Breaking The Wall of Uninformed Cities - Video
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Civic Innovation in America: Community Empowerment, Public Policy, and the Movement for Civic Renewal - Book
CivicWhitaker Anthology - Book
Data and Goliath - Book
Democracy is not a Spector Sport: The Ultimate Volunteer Handbook - Book
Democracy Reinvented: Participatory Budgeting and Civic Innovation in America - Book
Does Local Government Matter?: How Urban Policies Shape Civic Engagement - Book
Emergence - Book
Experimental Modes of Civic Engagement in Civic Tech - Book
Hosting Hackathons: Getting Awesome Sponsors - Webpage
Hosting Hackathons: The Organizer’s Checklist - Webpage
How to get Developers and Designers to go to your Hackathon - Webpage
If Mayors Ruled the World - Book
Innovator’s Dilemma - Book
Invisible Cities - Book
Lean Startup - Book
Leaving Microsoft to Change the World - Book
Love Where You LIve - Book
Open Data Hackathon How to Guide – Google Drive - Google Doc
Participatory Budgeting and Civic Tech: The Revival of Citizen Engagement - Book
Research, Advocacy and Political Engagement - Book
Rework - Book
Simpler: The Future of Government - Book
Smart Cities - Book
Space and Place - Book
Sunlight Labs: Blog – How to Manage Large Volunteer Hackathons - Webpage
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The Power of Social Innovation: How Civic Entrepreneurs Ignite Community Networks for Good - Book
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The Rise of Mayors - Article
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Triumph of the City - Book
Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time - Book
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Cliff Zukin - Author
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et al. - Author
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Jeff Speck - Author
Steven Johnson - Author
David Campbell - Author
Robert McMillan - Author
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