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Over the last fifty years, the percentage of people around the globe living in urban areas has increased from 30% to over 50%, but cities have not seen a corresponding increase in political power. Instead, nation-states and transnational institutions that network them have become the centers of power relations. Many people predict this dynamic will change: and it is. Efforts like UN Habitat III created space for cities to represent themselves at the UN for the first time in that organization’s history. The C40 Initiative has brought cities together to fight climate change by making significantly more aggressive emission reduction pledges than nation-states did at the Paris Summit. The Global Parliament of Mayors is provides a venue for municipalities to share knowledge and make collective decisions. You can find more entities in our directory.

Since nation-states are so often failing cities and their residents, cities are building new networks and structures that enable cities and regional governments to collaborate more closely with each other and their peers all around the world. This process of “paradiplomacy” is resulting in the development of new types of political and economic power for urban networks and their residents.

The idea that cities and regions can challenge the political dominion of nation-states is not new, but due to recent political developments that are undermining the public’s faith in national governments, they are newly popular. is documenting this phenomenon by syndicating content and data from many differnet sources.

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We look forward to exploring the municipalist movement with you.

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