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Knowledge API

This website uses the standard WordPress REST API to make all of its content machine readable, with the addition of the FLOing knowledgebase specification (coming soon).

To access the raw text of the knowledgebase, append  the following to “”. (Example:

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Button_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]

FLOing Knowledge REST API

Resource Base Route
Entity /wp/v2/entity
Entity Record /wp/v2/entity?slug="permalink"
Facets /wp/v2/facets
Facet Record /wp/v2/facets?slug="permalink"
Entity Type /wp/v2/entitytype
Scope /wp/v2/scope
Status /wp/v2/status
Level /wp/v2/level
Internal Status /wp/v2/internalstatus
Entity Rating /wp/v2/entityrating
Facet Type /wp/v2/facettype
Internal Status /wp/v2/facetsinternalstatus
Facet Rating /wp/v2/facetrating


WordPress Standard REST API

Resource Base Route
Posts /wp/v2/posts
Post Revisions /wp/v2/revisions
Categories /wp/v2/categories
Tags /wp/v2/tags
Pages /wp/v2/pages
Comments /wp/v2/comments
Taxonomies /wp/v2/taxonomies
Media /wp/v2/media
Users /wp/v2/users
Post Types /wp/v2/types
Post Statuses /wp/v2/statuses
Settings /wp/v2/settings